Small Portable Garage
Small Portable Garage: Home useful instant garage could protect your car from snow, wind, and rain.


TSU-1216 size: L4.8 x W3.66 x H2.6m

TSU-1220 size: L6.0 x W3.66 x H2.6m

TSU-1224 size: L7.2 x W3.66 x H2.6m
TSU-1228 size: L8.4 x W3.66 x H2.6m

TSU-1232 size: L9.6 x W3.66 x H2.6m


1. Model: TSU-1216/1220/1224/1228/1232
2. SIZE: The distance between two legs is 1.2m. The width of these five models are all 3.66m, and the height is 2.6m. The length could be increase per 1.2m.  
3. Frame: galvanized or powder coated steel frame. The legs, horizontal tubes and slant support tubes are all 32x1.2mm, the cross tubes, horizontal support tubes and tensioning tubes are all 25x1.2mm tubes. The base is square tubes: 50x30mm.
4. Cover: 300g/m2 PE. 610g/m2 PVC


a. It´s easy to be assembled and disassembled. The base is connected by the fastener, and the hole distance are all the same.

b. It´s much stronger than original style. There is horizontal support tube on each legs and slant support tube on four corners. They could have good show in heavy snow weather.


PE color white silver grey dark green
PVC color white grey more…
Door type zipper door rolling up more...

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