HANGAR, TRUSS Style, Storage Building
TSU-4530, TSU-4536

HANGAR, TRUSS Style, Storage Building


TSU-4530, TSU-4536

TSU-4530  Size: L9.15 x W14.0 x H4.8m (L30´ x W46’ x H15.7’)  

TSU-4536  Size: L11.0 x W14.0 x H4.8m (L36´ x W46’ x H15.7’)  

All Steel frame is hot galvanized for Antirust.

Arches : Super Strong Trussed Structure for Strong Wind and Snow. Φ 60mm tubing weld 25mm tubing as arch, 3m(10’) arch spacing. With base plate at bottom of each arch and 3 stake pegs on each base plate for anchor.

Purlins : 60mm steel tubing, total 7 groups purlins.

Lower roof cover tensioning tube : Φ32mm hot galvanizing steel tubes

Door Type: Full opening Sliding door, door size: W11.0 x H2.3m (W36.0’ x H7.5’)

Delivery time : 20-25 Work Days/GP after order confirmed.

Fabric: 300g/sq.m PE or 610g/sq.m PVC with 10 years longevity, UV resistant, Fire retardant..

Steel Crate Package

G.W./N.W.: 1440/1270kgs (TSU-4530, PVC),  1800/1600kgs (TSU-4536, PVC)

Qty/FCL: 8 sets/40´(TSU-4060)

Special dimensions can be made according to your requirement.

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